July 19, 2018
1 Year, 10 months and 18 days since
our celebration.

Welcome Sutton Family Branches and Friends!  
IN  ATLANTA  2018!!!
(NOT! Your "Average" Reunion)

We are planning to come together for the Sutton Family and Friends Retreat & Reunion on July 19-22, 2018.   We will connect our branches, explore our history, learn ways to better prepare ourselves as a family, and grow and elevate our Sutton family to the next level. We will also use this time to "reunion" as a family and strengthen our family ties. (You can even go to the RSVP page right now  if you'd like, and select the  first event "Sutton Retreat & Reunion" to let us know you're coming! We'll be so excited to see you there!  Click Here)    (And check out a few pics of some of our Atlanta crew below!)
What's New?! This will be the first ever "combined branches" Sutton Family & Friends Retreat & Reunion. Each year our different branches each have their own annual reunions in different locations. This Atlanta Retreat will be the coming together of all of those branches, as well as Sutton descendants or connections from other branches who may not hold annual reunions. This is a one-time combined event, and all branches will be included and celebrated.
What else is n
ew?!  The content and format. We have planned a wonderful itinerary of family activities including games and friendly inter-branch and inter-generational competitions; outings; family history (you'll be amazed at what you see and learn!); informational activities and learning/creative sessions (for kids too!) on topics of family interest, leading to improved family health, growth, and development; free family knowledge, talent, network, and resource sharing; an exhibit hall; a food, fun, and games picnic; a semi-formal Dinner Gala (at which we will also acknowledge and honor family members from the different branches); as well as some free time for "catching-up", shopping, touring, amusement parks, entertainment, night-life, or just relaxing.   
We certainly hope that you will make every effort to attend. We look forward to seeing you there and reconnecting. This website will not only serve as our Registration site when you register online for the SF&F Retreat & Reunion, but will also be one of our means of communication  to keep you informed of the exciting Retreat plans for our time together. There is lots of info on this site. You must request a login to see the rest of this website. Once you receive your login approval, visit as often as you like and take time to explore it all!  
See you in Atlanta!!!
Some of Your Atlanta Sutton Host Crew
Some of Your Atlanta Sutton Host Crew
More Atlanta Sutton Host Crew
More Atlanta Sutton Host Crew
Still More of Your Atlanta Sutton Host Crew
Still More of Your Atlanta Sutton Host Crew
More Atlanta Sutton Crew
More Atlanta Sutton Crew
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